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In a hunt for Clothing Styles for the older woman I am happily amazed at our diversity in our clothing style choices. It is primarily what we are confident and happy in wearing as we gain a picture of ourselves and what we want to portray. We don’t want to be the latest “same” from a fashion follow or be a fashion slave. But we want to be dressed in ways that show our knowledge of who we are. Confident. Resilient. Accepting, Relaxed and sometimes Spontaneous too We also can’t miss our responsibility as older women in the community and take note of narrowing down our number of clothing items. We need to be ever aware of adding to the chemical burden in our world and use less and borrow from tips of women of yesteryear and look for quality and simplicity.


What You Like and Don’t Like


You will of course see negatives in the light of not liking some things in what others wear – even older women. But to me that’s okay – but putting it carefully and respectfully is to be aimed for. For being unique is a positive and often to be applauded I have found. After all we want to be a good example for a younger generation – not only for what we wear and represent but also for our attitude to others. It does speak volumes after all.


As you would realise style choices is a very personal thing – don’t be shy to look for what you like.


A variety of  Choices


The choices here are to give a variety of style or those who can adapt easily to what these blog owners have presented. I find the choices I have made come from my 6 years of experience with my Facebook Page: Baby Boomer & Mature Women Clothing Styles. Don’t let the name think of the older woman in a certain age bracket. I have had many women on my page who considered themselves mature. 29 years the youngest and women in their 80’s None were Baby Boomers of course – but like these Bloggers – there is sure to be something for everyone. Do let me know – I’d love to hear and please do let me know of some great blogs you have come across..


My Style Blogger Choices for the Older Woman


The following blogs and in no particular order will be for you to see what resonates with you. They all have many things to offer as a resource, informative and also educational.. Go check them out

The Age of Grace To start the ball rolling is Eugenia ( I love her blog’s name).  Eugenia an over 50 style blogger has lovely choices for the curvy woman and carries her clothing choices with elegance and grace. Look to her blog for her great choices in this vein.




Annette from Lady of Style has her own special sense of elegance for the over 50’s and chooses lovely classic pieces that work so well. You won’t be disappointed in her stylish flair and ways to put things “together”..




Catherine 58 years young from CathineGraceO has a blog that breathes motivation and inspiration. You can hear it in her written words on her blog (Mastering Modern Midlife as well).  There is continual encouragement as well to women in midlife in her Facebook Group Forever Fierce Revolution Enjoy her own style but be prepared to be encouraged to have a style all your own too!




Tania from 50 is not Old has great suggestions for different styling in both casual and a dressed up look. I always find her blog an enjoyable read with some great outfit illustrations. Particularly where she has some great mix and match outfits too.




Beth from Style at a Certain Age has some amazing outfit choices and that means an amazing amount to choose from. You are certain to find things you like and also stay informed with her videos as well. A very educational blog you will find.




Laurie from Vanity and Me Style has a lovely charisma in her style and shows her good taste in the many outfits she chooses. I find many outfits regularly to share on my Facebook page that suit the Baby Boomer woman including the older woman outside that demographic..




Not Dressed as Lamb with Catherine who has the hashtag #Iwillwearwhatilike. You can see that she chooses a multitude of outfits in varying styles to work with colour and variety. For those with red hair or dyeing to “keep” it that way – you will be pleased with Catherine’s pleasure at being chosen as the L’Oreal Garnier Olia choice for a TV Ad this year here.




Tamera from Tamera Beardsley  has an elegance with an honesty to her blog and shows her spirit and elegant way wherever her life leads her. I loved what she wrote once when I first made contact with her blog a few years back.. “Write a blog you’d love to read.” she wrote. I believe she does that extremely well.




Susan from Susan after 60 has been blogging excellently since she first had Fifty not Frumpy and does such a great spread of information., She includes the basics and is a mine of information. This can be whether you are starting a new wardrobe, lost weight and don’t know where to start or want tips on basics and essentials as well. There is much more that this which you will be pleased to go through and glean lots of tips.




I was happy to make acquintance online with Ari Seth Cohen and the blog on Advanced Style Not only does he plan on “capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set.” but shows how individual the older woman can be happy doing style in their own unique way. Many of the women he photographs are every day women on the street who are happy to show their going out “style” plus also regulars who certainly dress up a “storm”.




Martina from Lady 50 Plus has a great stylish flair which shows in her wonderful outfits. You are sure to be inspired with the looks she brings together and gain ideas to use for a chic look. Very inspiring!




Annette of Reinventing 50s on her blog says her wish for the reader is “for you is to be happy, healthy, and to learn to have a life filled with joy.” She shares a great deal of style and helps the curvy woman feel confident in their fashion choices.Annette also features clothing choices on her Facebook page as well.




Judith of Style Crone I first made contact with, in 2012. She has never missed a stylish “beat” and she has gone from strength to strength in her portrayal of stylish vintage and consignment shopping. Look out for her marvellous ways with hats in “hat attack”.



Older woman modelling clothing


Well there are many more impressive blogs to have a read of – but there is a quality handful of “Seasoned Fashionistas” to get you started. If you find a blog that you think is just great with details of what older women can wear – please do comment or contact me. I would love to include them in my next line-up once I’ve given them a trial run through my Facebook page to see the ideas of many different women..


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