Is there anything less interesting than talking about feet and their associated conditions? Well there might just be one thing and that’s having any of those associated conditions. Your feet are amazing, they get you from A to B, they look great in a pair of quality footwear and they love being buried in the warmth of a sandy beach. They carry you through a great deal in life and hold you up each and every day and they like nothing better than being warmed by a cosy fire.


But If you’re hiding your feet away, then it’s time to take a look at our blog on how to look after your feet and treat some of the common problems that crop up from time to time. Don’t let the symptoms get worse, get them treated and bring your feet “mojo” back with feet to be proud of.


Athlete’s Foot


You really don’t have to be an athlete to pick up this fungal infection. Instead it’s easily caught from swimming pools, showers or anywhere people are walking around barefoot. Wearing warm socks or tights and shoes can only make the symptoms worse.


You’ll know if this is what you’ve picked up when the skin between your toes begins to itch. The infection can easily spread onto your hands and other parts of your body. While this unpleasant infection is uncomfortable and painful it is also treatable. For a start you’ll need to keep the affected areas clean and dry and apply a topical anti-fungal cream until the infection clears up. If it does get worse then seek help from your doctor.


Ingrown Toenails


This painful complaint happens when the nail starts to grow into the side of the nail bed. It’s painful and can very easily become infected.


They tend to happen after a long period of wearing tight or badly fitting shoes and can occur after prolonged running sessions.


The appearance of the nail ‘sinking’ into the bed is often the first indication of an ingrown toenail. By not cutting the nails too short and looking after your feet, you should be able to avoid the problem. If they do get worse then the next step is your Doctor who will confirm the condition and very often an orthopedic surgeon will be on the list, making prevention much better than cure.




Not in any way glamorous but certainly one of the more painful foot complaints. Bunions occur more often in women due to the prevalence of wearing narrow shoes, such as high heels and the pressure that’s exerted on the outside joint by the big toe. I know that the lengths we go to in making us “look good” can often be something we mourn when we are older.


A bunion is usually characterised by a large swelling on the large toe joint, which is painful to the touch and often causes pain when walking.


There are several measures you can take to help ease the pain, the first avoiding heels and wearing well fitting shoes. You may also find a Scholl bunion pad, available in pharmacies helps to take the pressure off the bump. In some cases a bunion splint inserted in the shoe can help to straighten a crooked big toe, another common side effect of bunions.


Healthy feet


Diabetic Neuropathy


You’ll know if you have diabetes, how crucial it is to maintain good blood control but unstable blood control can also affect the health of your feet too.


You may experience numbness, tingling or pain in your feet, which leaves you open to not being able to detect cuts and other tissue damage. Feet can easily become infected, leading to greater issues.


If you do have diabetes then the best thing you can do is to keep your feet healthy with regular moisturising and always keep your check up appointments which will also include a chat with a podiatrist.


Plantar Fasciitis


Often associated with flip flop wearing this can also be caused by running and generally shows up in heel pain and inflammation of the ligament under the sole of the foot. The pain generally gets worse with activity but the good news is it can be managed at home.


Find plenty of exercises online that will help ease the pain and take some anti-inflammatory medicine to help bring down the swelling. Ice and stretching before activity will also help reduce the symptoms.




Another one of the more common complaints when it comes to foot issues. They are hard skin that forms on feet to help protect specific areas against blisters. Generally harmless they can, over time, become more painful. Corn plasters may help alleviate the pressure but if they do become unbearable then your podiatrist will be able to remove them.


Stone Bruise


This more unusual symptom can occur when there is prolonged pressure, such as high impact exercise, on the feet. It can feel like there’s a stone in your shoe as a walk with shooting pains between the bottom of the toes and the arch.


While the most common answer is to rest and ice the painful area, if the symptoms do persist it’s important that you go and visit a doctor to get it checked out and rule out the possibility that any of the many bones may have been damaged.


Talking about feet may not be something you want to hear but when it’s your toes that are in pain or walking is becoming an issue, you’ll know why getting them treated as soon as you can is your top priority.


Don’t delay in seeing your doctor or podiatrist if you’re experiencing any symptoms that are worrying you and particularly if you’ve seen those symptoms get worse. From ingrown toes that become infected to bunions that feel like daggers through the side of your feet, there’s a solution out there so don’t suffer in silence.


Put a hop, skip and a jump back into your step with shoes that fit properly and give your feet a break. Put an end to discomfort and grab some over the counter solutions to those common problems and get those feet ready for a summer where you’ll want to show off those perfectly formed, happy and healthy feet.

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If you’re hiding your feet away, then it’s time to take a look at how to look after your feet and treat some of the common problems that crop up from time to time.
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