Tips on a Detox at Home with a DIY Turkish Bath

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Want to consider including something worth practising for relaxation? There’s nothing more rewarding than gaining new experiences and learning the customs and traditions unique to each country through travel. While takng on board the culture and cuisine of those countries you might also consider immersing yourself in some of their practises.


One of those such traditions is that of a Turkish hammam, a Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath that iis similar to our saunas. Hammams have a long history. Derived from Roman and Byzantine baths in the Ottoman Empire, hammams eventually made their way West in the nineteenth century, when artists who traveled to the Middle East detailed these bathhouses in some of their works. 


Though modern day advances in plumbing have made hammams more of an experience versus bathing necessity, they are still prevalent throughout Turkey and provide a wonderful experience.  I find it important to include any version you can that includes time out for a peaceful “water” interlude. This works towards giving you a respite from a life that can often be busy and filled with many “to do’s”.


Now there are countless benefits to these baths, and for those who are practicing self-care, they act as a great outlet to do so. Below are just a few of the many benefits:


Reduce stress and anxiety

Deep relaxation

Open pores to allow for a deep cleanse

Nourish and and hydrate skin

Decrease muscle tension

Activate blood circulation to boost the immune system

Foster a mind/body connection


For those who don’t have the luxury of visiting Turkey, you can create your own Turkish hammam right in the comfort of your own home. Invaluable created a step-by-step visual that details how to recreate this soothing experience. Treat yourself to a relaxing, at-home spa day when you need to unwind!

Let me know how you go if you immerse yourself in a Turkish hammam experience!


Infographic Credit: Invaluable 



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Want to consider including something worth practicing for relaxation?  Consider a Turkish hammam, a Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath that is similar to our saunas.
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