So You Have Nothing to Wear?

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You may be one of those who have thought this following cold hard fact. You may have sensed it whenever coming close to your closet. It was the syndrome called “Nothing to wear”. Maybe you don’t have a good sense of style. Maybe you have become a fashion slave and your closet has exceeded its limits many times over in the past. You were living life through all the collections you were making of “other people’s taste”. . I mean in the past, particularly for the older woman we may have been aware of choosing those garments that were “what you should be wearing now”. Now it seems for the younger woman has even added more? They also it seems easily take on board what celebrities are wearing. Just one more thing of copying “who is wearing what” to deal with. I mean often women started the “haul” and it seemed to get larger and larger without any definite style in mind. A definite negative feel came about with the Nothing to wear syndrome.


Organising the “Jumble” that is your “Wardrobe”.


At times seasonally you have a sense of guilt and have worked on organising that large “jumble” of clothing you have.. But really the question begs an answer – “How much Clothing Do you have?” and how about organising it first?”.


So How much Clothing does the Average Woman have?


Well it is stated that the average woman has 103 articles of clothing when a study was done of 1,000 American women. Apparently it hinged on more items that were too tight and less of the items that were too loose. It also perhaps does show we tend to hang onto things to our detriment. And in my closet? Yes, I am ashamed to say I have about 130 – 140 clothing items  when I did a quick round up for this article. To my credit that does include pieces I’ve had for years and some that need mending. (Whoops!) I know I do feel eco “smug” here since I’m not buying regularly. I also make clothing last longer and fit in classic pieces. On the downside – for me – it’s becoming a storage problem and I need to do something about. Do you get that feeling?


If you go through change such as from work to mother to retired or business you will see the numbers game with your clothing change accordingly. It maybe insinuated that having more style means less clothing. But from a Stay at Home Mother you will hear her say that is not always the case! Also a blogger or work at home woman can do with a great deal less to wear and incorporate more casual apparel and have limits on dress wear. After all at certain times in life elegance can get thrown out the window.



Where does Eco fit in?


I live in a very large country. Australia. It is hard to imagine the amount of pollution in the world – but I can see it when we put single use plastic for example in the garbage. We don’t just throw it away and it’s “life” is ended. Away is just somewhere else. You can see why (before I became more eco-educated) that I wanted to severely limit my buying power where fashion was concerned. I read with concern this article 14 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Myths that need to die when I first read the piece 2 years ago. I haven’t become more judgemental of those who make non-eco choices. But I do what I can with my buying power and make the best choices when I do buy. And I write and educate as much as I can my neighbour. Now what about you? What Eco choices are you making?


How to make Style decisions that “work” (Or how Stylish Women have less Clothing)


We all know that classic pieces with quality that lasts the distance makes a big difference. And yes we know that storage costs too. So how do we become a stylish woman with less clothing? We can also take some Style lessons from “French women” here


  • Do an inventory on your wardrobe/closet
  • Take out what you don’t require or have a use for. If you find something difficult to part with put it apart from your wardrobe for another “time”.
  • Start from basics if you have to with neutrals – black, grey, blue, khaki 
  • Include basic needs and some elegant dress a mix and match format with items such as:  


  • Pants & Trousers & Jeans
  • Blouses or shirts that match in with your bottoms. Think White, blues but do charge it up with some items that enhances your look. You don’t need to stick to all neutrals.
  • Have at least one blazer that fits your ensemble but can really dress up your look if need be – even your jeans. If you find yourself a blazer girl (I am) – make it two that stretch the distance in fitting in with your “colour choices”
  • Leggings can be included but pair them with a long classic tunic or two for between the main seasons.. Think French style and it can be done even with leggings!. But even if you don’t take on board the touch of French – remember a more classic touch can add some great style. It will be you working to have a class act and have less clothing after all.
  • You don’t necessarily need a black dress but a blue dress can work as a neutral.. However if you can get away with a black dress next to your face remember it has its own elegance and has a great deal of ways to dress it up and down.
  • Summer frocks that count as one outfit – (Think: Saves on storage room) Also include a Shirt dress or two that can be worn over the top of a pants outfit you have put together or over a plain coloured frock. Try a rose, beige, plum, or green coloured frock for example.
  • Skirts various to your taste  – whether A Line, Pencil, Flared.
  • Include tops, tees or short tunics (tunics if you are more curvy can work well) 
  • Sweaters and fleecy cardigans
  • Winter coat in a neutral and/or a stylish short jacket which is either a waterproof or thick.



And in addition to the Clothing is the “Power-up” Closet pieces:


  • Shoes: One pair of walking shoes that goes with everything, a pair of flats or heels that suit you in nude tone and/or black, Sandals, Boots of your choice. I dare you to limit your shoe choices!
  • Handbag or two. Do limit yourself if you can to a classic colour such as tan which goes with a great deal and maybe another of your choice that mixes in with your array of clothing perhaps
  • Accessories: Use these to add “dress” power to your outfit. To dress up the neutrals choose bright colours,animal print, plaids, patterns, florals etc. Think scarfs, vests, belts  for example
  • Jewellry: Even though I have both – do remember this little tip. If you go for smaller dainty jewelry you have a tad more expensive look. This can look more stylish overall. This is only to my way of thinking at times – as I do both – larger chunky jewelry and fine for when I’m in that mood..
  • Hats: Think White, Elegant, Simplicity, Large brim straw with changeable plain bands to work in with your outfits..



Final Comments


When you hear yourself saying that “You have nothing to wear” it really means a revamp of your attitude, your wardrobe and your purchases. Let it be a positive look into your clothing future and you will be inspired by your “new choices”. Give more thought to classic choices and have reverberating in your head “Less is more”. More Style that is!

Special Thanks go to Lovely Marcelle – An Over 50 Model who posed for Photos at the top of the Header. She posed in some French styled clothing recently. For more of her clothing ideas see her on Instagram. 

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You may be one of those who have thought this following cold hard fact. You may have sensed it whenever coming close to your closet. It was the syndrome called “Nothing to wear” See here how you can turn \'A new leaf\'
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