Boho: An Easy Clothing Style for the Older Woman

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If you grew up in the Hippy era (a child of the 60’s and 70’s) you would have been quite well tuned to the knowledge of the Hippy style. It was the “current” fore-runner of the Boho that has evolved these days. It’s earlier roots were found in Bohemian times within Europe and during the culture when artists, poets and intellectuals in dark days were not supported by those who were richer. These people known as Bohemians became known for their wearing of used and unfashionable clothing.


After awhile they became known for wearing their art so to speak (as well as in their abodes). It  tended to be a freeing style of bringing together their own style. Nowadays this captured “spirit” has lived on in the hippy stamp still and thence the modern Boho. This of course can with the hippy flowing garments, a relaxed put together look, layering with the add-ons of multiples of jewellery, fringes, feathers and the like This style was often teamed usually with bright colours and usually multi-coloured with patterning. Hair was often loose and flowing and makeup was nil or minimal and natural. Since it borrowed from the Bohemian era there was a definite ethnic and artist bent as well.. 


So what if you as an older woman somehow remembered wearing hippy style and wanted to plug in once again as a mature woman  and now wanted to give Boho “a whirl”?


Anabella Woman


Is it difficult to get your style right with Boho?


Boho is very forgiving in style or rather it’s not stuck in a rut having incorporated ethnic style as well. It is a theme of fashion of course all of it’s own it tends to be a breakaway from some more settled fashion. So there is this added into the mix to give you plenty of room to explore and have your own form of “wearable art” You are not answerable to any form of fashion “authority”. Gaining an idea of what the style is and adding your own special touches and creativity makes for individual style. This seems to be the main thrust of Boho. Relax and be yourself with not too much rigidness in your dress and let your clothing “tell a story”. 


What are the main articles of dress to include for Boho?


The Fabulous Journey

Remember you don’t have to follow rules with Boho and hence you can go for a more contemporary look if you wish. Here are some of the items to work with:


Foundation garments


  • White/black tank top 
  • Singlet top 
  • Plain tee of various colour choices 


Woman modelling Boho clothingSouthern Hospitality Blog




  • Wrap 
  • Tiered 
  • Flared 
  • Tribal 
  • Maxi 
  • Natural fibres
  • Ruffle
  • Gypsy
  • Frilled




  • Mini dress with wide sleeves * (Used in layering with a pair of pants)
  • Maxi Dress 
  • Wrap Dress 
  • Kaftan (with Kimono sleeves is another choice) 
  • Embroidered Tunics 



Anabelle Woman




  • Loose and flowing tops
  • Lacey 
  • Oversized tops 
  • Peasant blouses 
  • Tank tops
  • Tunics and Long Button down Blouses 



Anabella Woman


Jacket or Cardi :


  • Black leather jacket with zips
  • Any jacket with fringing (tan or black)
  • Denim jacket
  • Lacy knit or crochet cardigan 


Outer Clothing accessories:


  • Lacey Vests 
  • Fringed 
  • Kimono – lace and patterned 
  • Faux fur vests



 A Pocketful of Polkadots


Jean & Pants


  • Flares including jeans
  • Velvet Pants 
  • Regular jeans you can tuck into fringed boots and even add those with patches or distressed if you wish. 
  • Cargo pants


How to layer in a Boho Way


When layering start with an anchor point. One way is to have a patterned piece such as a hi-lo top over a plain colour top (you can do black or any coloured piece if you wish to make it more “settled” looking). Colour choices can be whites or creams and other full colours such as orange, rustic reds, coral, burnished browns, tans, blues, olive. With any colours see what colours feel right next to your skin tone..Have your layering pieces in both plain and patterned and textured pieces (including wool,velvet,) with fringe. Another good idea to include is a flowing look in your garments. Also don’t overlook bringing some lace into the mix as well as crochet. 


When layering you may try wearing:


  • An over-sized tee for example and top with a faux fur or shaggy vest over jeans or skirts. 
  • A plain cami, add a flowing cardigan with a jacket over top. Make your cardi choice with webbing lacey and/or fringed. Add a skirt or pants to this mix.
  • A patterned dress (long or short sleeve depending on weather) Shaggy jacket or light vest
  • Work on using one colour all over – but heaps of texture. ie a crochet dress, a sleeved lace vest
  • A plain tee, a swing skirt and put a crochet fringed scarf around your neck with a jacket or cardi over top – with lots of detail or texture.
  • A printed pair of harem pants Tribal/Aztec is a good choice) add a simpler patterned top or a plain colour. Add to this a notable vest or military styled or sheep lined jacket.


Finish off any outfits with appropriate jewellery, a floppy hat  and accessories that fits your taste.



Choosing Jewellery to compliment the Boho look


With Boho you get the chance to really experiment with jewellery and mix and match with the looks you put together in the clothing sphere. Layering tiny necklaces works well or a combination of both large jewellery with small. Larger earrings can be a good pick also. Have your jewellery often of an earthy look or with natural items from nature such as wood, shells, feathers, fibres. Also easily incorporate ethnic jewellery such as Asian or African. But there are no rules and you can just as easily pair in some gold or silver with your Boho outfit.


Giving the Boho compliments: Accessories


  • Add in some Boho bags with fringe, crochet, Aztec/Tribal patterning or embroidery. Include messenger bags.
  • Pop on some hats such as a wide brimmed hat or a floppy straw hat. Or go with quirky head-wraps or headbands with a chic “bent”. 
  • Bring some boots into your wardrobe. Think fringe on these if you don’t have any other articles of clothing with fringe – don’t want to over-do it. You can look for decorated booties also – which have some real Boho boots feel.Take into account the choice of Gladiator sandals a real dressed look compared to some flats.Have be-jewelled sandals if you wish or plain if you have other parts of your ensemble already “blinged”. 
  • Pop in some belts decorated with medallions or which are embroidered and/or have large decorative buckles. (Even including shells) 
  • Aim to have a pair of Vintage sunglasses to compliment your Boho outfit. 


And so….


Although what is Bohemian or Boho has evolved – you can’t do much in the way of “wrong” dressing. (Try not to overload yourself if you are layering though. Don’t want to look like an overloaded closet!)  Take into account different groups of Boho Chic to lean towards such as


  • Luxe, 
  • Rugged
  • Peasant Style
  • Hippie-Chic


You can gain a relaxed feel with what you choose to make an outfit come together. Dive into some current fashion ideas in other styles and even include some of those pieces to add. This is often because Boho has grown up and become a little more refined in some quarters. Bring in some funky prints, mix patterns but remember you can incorporate a chic refined look too. There are no rules to be rigid about and remember where once Boho was an alternative it is now considered mainstream.. 


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So what if you as an older woman somehow remembered wearing hippy style and wanted to plug in once again as a mature woman  and now wanted to give Boho “a whirl”?
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