Holidays: The Secret to Good Mental Health?

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We all know the power of a holiday or a short break for rejuvenating our mental wellbeing. The act of physically moving locations often has the power to give us a new perspective on problems in our lives, or lift our spirits through exploring new parts of the world and opening ourselves up to great new experiences. Travel can have a hugely positive effect on our health, our relationships and how we see our role in the world. I have immersed myself into travelling wide and can attest to its positive effect.


Taking A Break From It All


Modern life is full of stress, challenges and digital noise, so be able to escape all that temporarily is massively restorative. On holiday, we tend to become an ideal version of ourselves – how we’d like to be away from the strains of normal daily life, reconnecting with loved ones and able to focus on ourselves and our goals in life. And whether you prefer simply relaxing by the pool with a cool drinkl in one hand and a book in the other, or you like to get out and about and explore the culture and sights of your chosen destination, being able to unreservedly please yourself for a while is a guaranteed mental boost. Recent studies have actually found that the positive effects of a holiday can last for up to a month after you get home – so we should all be booking in regular breaks.I know I’m in!


Helping To Reduce Everyday Stress


What happens if we don’t prioritize a break every now and again? If we deem ourselves just too busy to take a week or so away from our desks and our caring responsibilities? You may think it doesn’t matter much if you put that break off another year, but a study by Nuffield Health found out that there are physical effects from not going on holiday, including raised blood pressure, poorer quality sleep and higher levels of stress. These striking findings emphasise just how important it is to get away. And holidays don’t have to be five star luxury all the way to have this effect. If you can’t afford to jet off at the moment, hiring off road caravans or simply taking a tent and escaping for a few nights at home can have the same beneficial effects. I know I remember reading a long time ago how 4 weeks at a time can be most beneficial as well since you are very refreshed and ready to start new projects and work once again. A definite change of perspective and a real rest of mind and body.


Making You More Creative


Situations in our lives can lead to emotional exhaustion – and it doesn’t have to be a single large event, just the minor stresses and strains of daily life can pile up on us in a way that eventually becomes unbearable without some way to take the pressure off. When you get into this head space, it’s no secret that your creative powers aren’t functioning at their peak. When we work, we know we need breaks from time to time in order to be able to problem-solve with fresh eyes, and the same goes for taking a longer break occasionally. Holidays can renew our motivation and allow us to think about issues in our lives from a more removed perspective. So if you feel like you need to get your life back on track, it could be just what you need and what the “Doctor” ordered!


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Travel can have a hugely positive effect on our health, our relationships and how we see our role in the world. Choose to implement it!
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