How attractive a home looks from the outside (AKA its ‘curb appeal’) is an important factor. As well as affecting the way guests perceive your home, it can also have an impact on your home’s value, which could be important if you’re planning on selling up. There are a few key ingredients that can give a home curb appeal. (Please forgive me Aussies readers where kerb appeal is how “we” say it) Here are just several of those key ingredients.


Jazz up your front door


A snazzy front door will help to draw people’s attention to the entrance, helping to make your home attractive and inviting. You could look into decorative glass doors or you could simply try opting for a brightly coloured door. You may even be able to find extra ways of decorating your door such as adding ornate knockers or a creative embellishment suited to doors. On top of improving your home’s curb appeal, there could be other benefits to upgrading your front door such as improving insulation and improving security.


Restore your roofing


If the roof is visible from the ground, this too could be an important component when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. Consider repairing any broken tiles that you can see and removing any moss. If your roof is close to thirty years old, it could even be worth a full replacement (this is when many roofs start to suffer frequent wear and tear). Sometimes I have heard of timbers after years of holding some older roof tiles up even bending a little under the weight. Restoring roofing could of course have practical benefits on top of making your home look more attractive such as preventing water leaks and stopping drafts from entering your home.


Light it up


Lights will help to illuminate your home after dark so that it looks stunning even at night. On top of helping your home to look more impressive at night, they could also make it easier to find the keys in the dark, as well as deterring any thieves who might otherwise consider your property fair game. You can use motion sensing lights as a way of conserving power. You may also be able to use solar lights (creating a pathway leading to the door and lining it with solar lights could be a charming touch).The only thing I have found with some solar lights is to make sure that their placement gets the required amount of sun so that the “glow” lasts all night.


Embrace flower power


Flowers can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You could hang flowers either side of your door in hanging baskets. Alternatively, you could grow flowers in pots or use window boxes. Try opting for bright colours that contrast the front of your home. I had Alyssum and Jonquils waving happily along a path to our home. Truly a bright ground level entrance with “flower speak”. 


Allow off-road parking


Off-road parking is a sought-after luxury for many homeowners – as well as impressing guests, it could help to add value. There may be nothing you can do about this if you live in the city where parking space is at a premium. However if you own a home somewhere a little more rural you may have the option of creating this space. An unused front lawn for instance could be better put to use as a driveway or you may be able to build a garage.


And so…..


Sometimes to have “Curb Appeal” doesn’t always have to be big changes – but sometimes lots of little ones. Whatever your budget allows or where you see there will be pay-back for your home choice “tweeks” make decisions that up your home’s look with success. It not only is pleasing on the eye for others but can make you feel good about your home too.


Deborah Hunter Kells

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‘Curb appeal’ is an important factor. As well as affecting the way guests perceive your home, it can also have an impact on your home’s value Here are several key ingredients.
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