Nothing is quite as charming as relaxing around your fireplace on a bitter, cold evening. Whether you’re sipping some wine or reading a novel, life is blissful when you’re soaking up the heat from a glowing fireplace. If you would like to luxuriate in this experience without the hassle of firewood, why not take a look at a gas fireplace.


Besides the convenience of not using real firewood, carefully selected gas fireplaces may even help in increasing your home’s value. First of all, the right design exudes an elegant lifestyle, especially when combined with a stylish interior. Secondly, gas fireplaces generate radiant warmth that can help keep your heating costs down while making your home more welcoming.


Here are our top tips to ensure your gas fireplace installation is adding value into your home.


Think about its usage


Think about how you visualize using the new gas fireplace – do you imagine it as a shared space for family and friends or a stylish focal point? Could it become your primary source of heat for a living or rumpus room, or will it be used for more decorative reasons? If you intend to use the fireplace predominantly as a heater, you may need to look at more robust and energy-efficient models. Thinking about the usage can help you determine the best gas fireplace to use based on style and location.


Consider the location


Not only should you think about how your fireplace will be used, but you’ll also need to weigh this against the location in your home where you want to install it. Living and dining rooms are widely used locations for fireplaces as homeowners tend to get maximum usage in these rooms.


However, unlike wood fireplaces where you are typically limited to using external walls with room for a chimney, gas fireplaces allow for easy installation on any wall and even come in freestanding models.


Surround the gas fireplace with elegance


To compound the value, your fireplace will boost to your home, make sure the surrounding environment also includes tasteful, quality designed materials. Exposed brick above the gas fireplace can add an authentic art deco feel, or an ornate wood trim can transport you back to provincial Europe. Simply matching your accessories, such as a metallic or glass vase, can amplify your room.


Maximise on light


A visually appealing gas fireplace produces a flow of attractive colours. You can extend that lighting effect by using mood lighting effects – like candles and dimmers – around the gas fireplace. 


Brighter coloured lighting does an excellent job of adding more energy into your room, while warmer coloured lighting exudes intimacy, which is perfect for romantic dinners by the fire.


Always keep safety first.


Once the gas fireplace is installed, keeping the area around your new investment safe is essential. Make sure there aren’t any flammable materials nearby that could touch the hot glass, and if you have young children or curious pets consider screening the area off to prevent unwanted accidents. Also, while gas fireplaces create an immensely effective, controllable and convenient heating source, it is important to remember never to leave any lit fires unsupervised.


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Besides the convenience of not using real firewood, a carefully selected gas fireplace may even help in increasing your home’s value.
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