We may have emotions of sadness or happiness when watching happenings online and video Music is powerful too as a mood changer. Maybe even reading a story may touch a chord within. However colour is something that we may give little thought to but adds to our sensing and our mood if you take notice. It may sometimes be polarising, sometimes energising, sometimes steadying, among other stimulation.  


Have you ever just used neutrals in your wardrobe? I know that sometimes I have felt that blue (and a dark one at that) was my go to colour for my wardrobe. I mean I could add to it and it went with everything. As I got older I noticed that another darker colour became part of my choice and it was black. Now I know I’ve done a post on doing black in clothing and it’s a safe classic choice BUT….. Have you thought that some colour might just up your mood and have a different effect on other people as well? But that’s not all.


Let’s include your home decor as well. You live within walls and around furniture of colour after all. Maybe instead take a risk where colour is concerned. You know the effect of having a wall a contrast colour or introducing elements in a white room. Why don’t you join me in spreading a little colour around?


Clothing of colour being carried by person

Adding some colour in your clothing surely can change your mood and everyone else’s!


Woman with coloured paint tins

Adding colour to your decor doesn’t just have to be in the form of paint – but that can be a start.


How do colours make you feel?


I happen to be in a home today where walls are painted in different colours. I will tell you that looking from a soft lavender into a desert orange and light poppy yellow shows me the big difference it makes. The lavender evokes a flatter or laid back mood. Not so when I look up and across to the orange walls and the yellow walls. It is a real mood lifter and a real feeling of warmth and “pep” or “pop”..I keep looking up and wonder what it could do if you personally feel down and even a little low? Yes I can attest to it making a difference.  Anyway, what is your opinion – let me know what you find when surrounded by different colours. Even a small way see how they can be associated with evoking different moods and feelings.


Woman in white blouse and pink skirt

You can start introducing a small amount of colour into your outfit with neutrals such as white and then become bolder with two colours with a neutral


So what about adding colour in your outfits? This too gives you a lift if you make colour with style work with you. You may want to give your accessories a stylish lift by starting with some bright additions. With your clothing consider pairing a neutral with two different colourful choices together. Think Red and Turquoise. Orange and Sapphire. Green and Blue. Orange and Red. But then you can become purposeful and choose one strong colour paired with a neutral. Charge it up! 


RED  – Vibrancy, Excitement, Passion

ORANGE –  Warmth, Fun, Vitality

YELLOW –  Happiness, Energetic, Brightness 

PINK –  Romantic, Tranquil

PURPLE – Creativity, Intensity

GREEN –  Natural, Steady, Stable

BLUE –  Calmness, Serenity, Relaxing, Coolness

BROWN –  Earthiness, Stability


Colours I believe can be made more striking in depth (with a little black)  and have a great refreshing and stimulating effect. So it’s easy to charge your look up or tone it down. Just takes a little colour mixed around.

So work with colours in your home decor. It isn’t a challenge to paint walls, add in some canvas, place some plants, ornamentals, rugs, furniture for example. Let colour speak!






You don’t need to be afraid to have a little dash of colour in your life. Also let it buoy you up and help for when you may be feeling in a low mood. Do take into account the lessons from nature too. Even when the day may be cloudy  and overcast like your emotions there are the colour in flowers blooming somewhere nearby. Remember colour is a language all of it’s own and you just need to learn to speak it.


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Colour adds to your life and can have an effect on your mood and sensing. Whether Home Decor or Clothing - Let\'s explore!
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