How is your judgement gauge going?  Is it a little worse for wear lately? We all make judgements and have bias. Often with food, clothing, health, our neighbourhood, career,  friends,  political parties,  business and the list goes on. Our prejudice often washes up on the “shore” of our life decisions – both big and small waves. When it comes to making judgements on people and situations don’t think that it doesn’t have a far-reaching effect


Making Quick Judgements


Maybe you might think that making a (perhaps) negative assumption about a person is a small thing. That choosing to make suggestions on their character in the negative slant is not a bad thing. But like a ripple in a pond moving over and over again in a far-reaching affect it travels afar. The affect is both on the hearer and the victim. Particularly if the negative slant is not a balanced optimistic outlook. Of course we do need to make some judgements that will be negative. But be very wary of making “quick” judgements when it is someone’s character or their choices. 


When there is Prejudice 


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According to the American Heritage Dictionary Prejudice is noted as the act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgements or convictions. An adverse judgement or opinion formed unfairly or without knowledge of the facts. Preconceived judgements can lead you up the garden path if you are not careful. Uncovering the actual truth about a matter needs to be an aim. You don’t want to be a carrier of Fake News about a person or a situation.


How to make a Fair Judgement


So you need to make a judgement call on a situation or a person?  Take into account the following: 

  • Don’t let your liking or not liking of a person be a basis for a judgement
  • Let go of any past history you may know of the person. It isn’t necessarily true that they will do the same as in the past.
  • A person may give their perspective of information to you. Test that information they give you as much as possible. Remember they have their own view.
  • If possible let a person have the opportunity to give their side of information.
  • Be a detective. Consider how and why before making a judgement.
  • Remember some things are not always as they appear. Don’t rush your decision without good analysis..
  • Do not be swayed by majority rules. The majority can easily be wrong. History often shows this.
  • Do not let authority or peer pressure sway you.
  • Be aware of Gas lighting from another person on your own reality. Go slowly but surely through your information with input from others. 
  • Brainstorm possible outcomes and have someone you know of integrity and balance who can help you go through possibilities.
  • Have Faith. Remember there is a Promise that Truth will be uncovered in due time.

Remember even when you have come up with a possible answer – don’t close your mind in case more information comes up. That person or situation may be obstructed at that time so the truth was unable to come out when you were looking for an answer. 


Uncover the Truth


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You may find that you get a mental work-out at times when working towards getting some answers to some situations and people you are being questioning of their actions. Take your time and work at doing it methodically and carefully. Remember also you need to discern what is fact or fiction. Not always easy but you get your mental work-out by seeing that corruptness of thoughts and actions does exist. But don’t be dismayed but work towards uncovering what is truth. In many situations you need to have answers so doing it with integrity is wisdom.


Without Prejudice


Our current world is in upheaval. Many are being questioned and it seems there are chaos with our traditions and belief systems as well. You are here in the now. There is Stormy weather ahead. It is a storm approaching relentless in its fury. But don’t let that stop you from forging ahead on the path of Truth. Let it be a light to your path so you know in what direction you need to take. Stay Awake. Be Alert. Ask prayerfully for Wisdom and Guidance for your judgements, choices and decisions. Decide to make a way for a path and journey “Without prejudice”. 

Deborah Hunter Kells

I have a wide range of interests and the top of my list is people and relationships. I appreciate our big wide world and nature which tries so hard to deal with what we do to it. As noted you will find a variety of topics covered (see Home page) My appreciation goes to my team and others whom I collaborate with to make this blog successful and resourceful. Thanks especially to my team: Sarah, Tina, and Billah (See footer for more of their details)

We all have prejudice in some shape or form. But how can we take make a right judgement when making decisions on people and situations?  See how here
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