When thinking “Bullet Journal” you often think about the paper involved. You may very well want to be more responsible in your use of product these days. Now we can understand that Bullet Journaling has as it’s mainstay a good amount of paper as you journal.. There are many Bullet Journal enthusiasts – so it’s a fact.. Plain and simple – we just really like things down on paper  So is there a more sustainable option going? Yes there is!

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Melissa and her husband (A Missionary family) have come up with a good Sustainable option. They come from Guatemala which has a good resource of bamboo growing. With a good amount growing there is an industry in the making. Melissa and her husband plan to arrange for Bullet Journals to be manufactured  This would bring jobs to the community. They have been exploring products that use natural resources. 


They have come up with a  Bamboo Bullet Journal – a high quality bullet journal made from bamboo The cover is a hard wood bamboo and the paper is also made from bamboo – really good thick paper at 160 grams.

Melissa says she has made the journal everything she could ever want in a Bullet Journal – so you will see the Dot grid, thick paper, bookmarks, attractive colour and A5 size. She hopes you would love it as much as she does.


Melissa is on my Christian Bullet Journal Group and you can also find out what other items that are available for Bullet Journals. 


I will leave you with some lovely spreads from others on my Facebook Bullet Journal Group.


Tana Bullet Stencil Artista




Robin journalthejourney2019  


Bullet Journal illustrated spread


The Joy of Journaling by Mei 













Bullet Journal illustrated spread


If you don’t have a Bullet Journal why not try one? Plus if it’s a sustainable one and your supporting a good cause – even better!


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There are many Bullet Journal enthusiasts who like things on paper.  So is there a more sustainable option going? Yes there is!
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