How to have better writing skills

 Writing can be easy to execute but how to have better writing skills is a "work in progress". One prerequisite is that you love what you do. This will show by how or what you write about. You may find it easy to be inspired - but other times you need to re-cap,...

All things plastic and litter is not good

All things plastic and litter is not good. Not much brain power is needed to "see" how all things plastic and litter is not good. We people of the earth are on a downward spiral of destroying the earth both with knowledge and ignorantly. Whether it is the clothing,...

How to find treasures in pre-loved

Look all over to find treasures in the area of pre-loved. Use ideas from what you see in front of you to inspire you with ways to up-cycle or improve.

Why moving is fun to me

There can be different reasons that you can make moving fun and not stressful. Goals, acceptance, revamping, new friends and a new environment.

Opinions of a Hopeless & Hopeful Housewife

Dear Reader: A little intro to the opinions of a hopeless and hopeful housewife.  She flicked her finger lazily in circles in the now cooling soapy dishwater. Her meandering thoughts had her gazing out through the rain-marked window. What if she did? and...

Why I like drying a variety of food

I like drying food since I believe it is a very healthy form of preserving. I add to that using dehydrating in the processing of nuts to activate.

About This Site

THANK YOU for visiting my site. Here you will find a variety of topics. Hence my term “Variety Blog”

You will find topics of Time management, Practical organizing, Virtual work, Emotional IQ and the benefits Also Slow fashion and Slow food, Nature-love, Clothing styles and tips for 30 thru to 80, Skill with Power and money, Inspiration that I find with God, Life & Loves and what other people have to contribute, including collaborative content. I trust you enjoy what you find.