Meet Deborah

From Deborah:

Making people think, improve themselves, feel good about themselves or have some solace has always been an aim of mine when I write. Don’t think of me as the last word in writing as it just flows and I don’t tend to follow a great deal of “rules” Nor do I have what I call stipulated training. I pick up what sounds good (maybe from some past experience) and share what comes next. Some call it a gift – to me I am thankful that it comes naturally.

My real connection is dealing with people and of course making life a little bit brighter or nicer for them or even putting them in touch with others who may be of help. Sometimes life doesn’t deal kindly with us and we need time out to find what we like or just to change our direction.

Working towards bridging a generational gap when I’m writing is a focus too. There are other bridges we need to build in our world in many areas not just the generations. So when building bridges of most types I count that as part of my “armoury”. 

My gain is hoping that you find with the members of our Team in different capacities that will help you – whether it is Sarah, Tina or Billah. Thank You!