Meet Sarah

From Deborah:

I love to see what word project that Sarah is up to next. I enjoy her grasp of all things home, eco friendly, health and gardening among some of the main focus of our topics on the blog here. I look forward to her talents and learning about what she has to share. Thank you Sarah it is great to share your work.

Sarah says:

I am a fan of design, eco-friendliness, writing, and travelling. I enjoy life’s simple pleasures – drinking my morning coffee surrounded by the smell of roses on my tiny balcony garden and travelling whenever and wherever I can. Music is my fuel and sandy beaches are my Eden on the Earth.

Everyday slices of life inspires me to research and write creative, informative yet inspiring articles about lifestyle, home improvement, design and health. This is my way of contributing to this lovely world that surrounds us, and my attempt to encourage readers to live their best life. In the end, life is a fun journey, so grab your seats and enjoy the ride.

I was very privileged to have my writings published by,,,

as well as being part of Deborah’s writing team which as I’ve said to Deborah “that’s great”..