Meet Tina

From Deborah:

Tina has a diverse way of transmitting warmth in artistic expression. It is a joy to see her diversity and creativeness.  I am so happy to have her as part of my team – when art work or illustrations are called for..I own some of her artwork – which I love! Tina may have some new projects on the “boil” so stay tuned!

Tina says:

They say you come into this world with karmic ties
Each day is a trial , whether it is good or bad , each day brings with it a gift .
A gift of joy
A gift of sorrow
A gift of love
A gift of grief
It is a journey we are all on
It is how we ” see ” the gift in each day , that will allow us to grow from it .
It’s not about what’s fair and what isn’t fair .. it’s about exploring it ,using it and thanking it , because without our daily gift .. Who are we ?
My gift this lifetime is my Art – Art that sometimes is channeled from a greater source .. as I have had no professional training , it just happens
Its my gift that’s been given to me .. to help me find peace & solace in a life’s journey that has not been easy .
My Art is a reflection of my soul.
It is peace
It is love
Karmic H E A R T .. A place of Serenity ,growth,hope and peace
Ask yourself today .what is your gift . Explore it .nurture it .grow it and love it ..
Blessings Tina